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Reliable Scaffolding Hire in Upminster

Scaffolding erectors, RSJ Scaffolding Ltd, have made an excellent reputation in Upminster as one of the leading scaffolding companies for high-quality temporary roofs and reliable scaffolding services. We specialise in providing scaffolding hire of all types for domestic and commercial customers in Upminster and the wider East London and Essex areas.


Our efficient CITB and CSCS certified team has experience erecting scaffolding of every kind. As scaffolding erectors based in Bulphan, we have been delivering scaffolding services for clients in the local Essex and East London areas for many years, including Upminster.


Different Types of Scaffolding Explained


When choosing scaffolding hire from scaffolding companies, it is important to work out the best height and type of scaffolding suited to the task at hand. RSJ Scaffolding Ltd supply scaffolding services of all types and can help you decide on the ideal structure for the job.


Listed below are the most common types of scaffolding requested by Upminster clients:


Suspended Scaffolding


• A moveable scaffolding structure suspended from the top of a building

• Levers and pulleys are secured by professional scaffolding erectors

• These are used to raise the platform up, down and across multiple storeys

• Often leased by scaffolding companies for working on very high buildings

• Ideal for window cleaners and painters working on skyscrapers in London


Supported Scaffolding


• Our most commonly used scaffolding services are for supported scaffolding hire

• Constructed from the ground up, it is the easiest structure to erect

• Support is given by strongly bound scaffolding poles and platforms, securely attached to the building making it the safest form of scaffolding available

• Upminster workers using this scaffolding can move around on platforms safely


Rolling Scaffolding


• Scaffolding erectors construct rolling scaffolding with four sides and a deck on top

• Wheels are then secured to the bottom of the cuboid-like structure for mobility

• Light steel is often used to make the scaffolding structure easier to move

• Ideal for moving scaffolding across to different areas of Upminster buildings

• Often hired from scaffolding companies for using on large new build projects


Birdcage Scaffolding


• Freestanding cuboid structure similar to rolling scaffolding, it uses vertical and horizontal scaffolding poles that are secured in regular, parallel lines

• Has a strong and secure platform for Upminster workers to work from

• Scaffolding companies often use timber or steel for erecting birdcage scaffolding

• Birdcage scaffolding services are ideal for domestic projects in Upminster


Trestle Scaffolding


• A small working platform that is supported on movable ‘A’ frames or ladders

• Often supplied by scaffolding erectors for light work such as interior painting

• Scaffolding companies recommend trestle scaffolding be used for short durations

• Ideal when working at low heights in domestic or commercial Upminster buildings


Cantilever Scaffolding


• Cantilever scaffolding is an angled-designed scaffolding, where one end is secured to a building, whilst the other end of the structure hangs towards the ground

• Ideal scaffolding hire for manoeuvring around tight corners and hard-to-access areas

• When asking for cantilever scaffolding services in Upminster, ensure you are fully-equipped with PPE for operating on the structure, such as safety harnesses


Call RSJ Scaffolding Ltd today on 01375 893602, to find out more about scaffolding services and the different types of scaffolding hire available in Upminster.