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 Affordable Scaffolding Hire in Romford

When it comes to scaffolding services, safety should be at the centre of all reputable scaffolding companies. Erecting scaffolding towers and providing proficient scaffolding hire comes with certain risks and should always be undertaken by experienced personnel, such as our highly-trained scaffolding erectors in Romford.


The Importance of Health and Safety


Based in Bulphan in Essex, RSJ Scaffolding Ltd are dedicated to giving our scaffolding hire team the most up-to-date, comprehensive training and are proud to be one of the most safety conscious scaffolding companies in the area. All our scaffolding erectors hold CITB and CSCS certifications, as well as being highly knowledgeable in working at heights safely.

We understand that working from scaffolding platforms in Romford can be dangerous, so we take the time to understand exactly what domestic or commercial project you are working on. Ensuring that the most effective scaffolding services for your Romford or other East London or Essex site is recommended.


Proficient health and safety scaffolding hire steps should include:


Site Inspection


Inspecting your Romford domestic property or commercial site is an essential part of the scaffolding hire service and should be undertaken by all professional scaffolding companies and scaffolding erectors. In this stage, it is vital to check the ground to ensure the scaffolding structure can be erected safely and if not if it is possible to use supported scaffolding or cantilever scaffolding as a safe alternative.


Load Assessment


Another vitally important safety check is to assess how many personnel will need to be working on the scaffolding structure at any given time and what kind of equipment or materials may need to be hoisted or kept up on the scaffolding platforms. Efficient scaffolding services will include a meeting with the Romford domestic or commercial customer in order to gather these sorts of details.


Scaffolding Design


Once our scaffolding erectors have a full understanding of your project and have assessed the site, building and worker numbers, we can recommend the ideal types of scaffolding designs and materials for your scaffolding hire. The most common type of scaffolding used in Romford, especially for domestic refurbishments, is supported scaffolding. It is constructed from the ground up and is the strongest and safest scaffolding type available.


Scaffolding Construction


Scaffolding companies have a duty to make sure that every part of the scaffolding they erect is safe and structural sound for workers to use. At RSJ Scaffolding Ltd, our scaffolding erectors are dedicated to constructing scaffolding hire structures carefully and with attention to detail, to ensure safety regulations are always met. We take special care to check that bases, legs, ledgers, locks and ties are all secure and fixed into place effectively.


Scaffolding Structure Checks


When using scaffolding for your Romford domestic or commercial project, you need make sure that your scaffolding structures are being checked and maintained on a regular basis. This ensures that your scaffolding hire remains safe and sturdy to work from at all times, preventing accidents and structural failures. Our scaffolding erectors offer weekly scaffolding checks as part of our comprehensive scaffolding services in Romford.


Looking for scaffolding companies with excellent health and safety reputations in Romford? Call our friendly scaffolding erectors on 01375 893602 to discuss how we can help you.