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Scaffolding Hire in Romford | A Safe, Compliant Service

When supplying customers and clients with scaffolding services, safety is the central focus of all reputable scaffolding companies. Constructing a tower or a structure as part of a scaffolding hire package always carries a certain amount of risk and the job requires the attention of experienced personnel. Our scaffolding erectors have CSCS and CITB accreditation, an important consideration when planning projects in the Romford area.


Located in Bulphan, RSJ Scaffolding Ltd delivers its scaffolding services through a skilled team that sits the industry’s most up-to-date and comprehensive training. We’re proud to trade as one of the most safety-focused scaffolding companies in East London and Essex.


All scaffolding erectors at RSJ must earn their certification before we send them to site, and they must have detailed knowledge of how to work at height safely.


We understand that working from a scaffolding platform in Romford is a dangerous scenario so, like all scaffolding companies with a duty of care to customers and clients, we take the time to understand your domestic or commercial project. This helps us to recommend, and to provide, the most relevant scaffolding services and constructions for your site.

Health and safety considerations with scaffolding hire include:


Site Inspections


Inspecting domestic and commercial sites is an essential part of a scaffolding hire service, undertaken by all scaffolding companies, and their scaffolding erectors, both before and during the course of a project. In the pre-project stage, we check the ground at your Romford site for stability and levelness to ensure our team can construct the correct scaffolding structure, and to do so safely.


RSJ Scaffolding Ltd also performs ongoing safety inspections every seven days from the point of construction to removal, and after periods of adverse weather and high winds.


If you already have our scaffolding onsite or plan to have it, please contact us on 0137 589 3602 to arrange an emergency inspection.


Load Assessments


Another vitally important safety element is an assessment of how many contractors will work on the structure at any given time, and which kinds of equipment, machinery or materials they’ll need to hoist onto the platforms. As a part of our scaffolding services, RSJ holds meetings and toolbox talks with its Romford customers, domestic or commercial, to obtain these important details.


Good scaffolding companies understand that the load-bearing capacity of a structure plays a vital role in keeping contractors safe.


Scaffolding Design


Our scaffolding erectors will always build a full understanding of your project, and they work with our designers to evaluate the site, the property and the number of workers involved. From there, we can recommend a scaffolding hire package that fits in perfectly around your needs. Supported scaffolding is the most common structure used in Romford, built from the ground up to provide the strongest, safest working platform.


Design work is an inclusive part of our scaffolding services, available across all East London and Essex areas.


Scaffolding Construction


Scaffolding companies have a duty to make sure every part of the structure they build is safe and structurally sound for workforces to use. At RSJ Scaffolding Ltd, our scaffolding erectors dedicate themselves to the delivery of a scaffolding hire service that’s planned carefully, with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure they meet all current safety legislation for our industry.


We take special care to secure bases, legs, ledgers, locks and ties carefully, and to check them over before we leave your Romford site.


Scaffolding Structure Checks


When using scaffolding on a domestic or commercial project in Romford, you need to make sure that your structure undergoes inspection and maintenance, on a regular basis, from the scaffolding erectors who built it. This guarantees a safe working platform at all times, and this helps in preventing accidents and structural failures. We include weekly inspections into our scaffolding services for your reassurance and peace of mind.


Always avoid scaffolding companies who can’t commit to regular structural checks. RSJ is your local and regional scaffolding hire specialist, and one that always makes your safety a priority.


Looking for scaffolding services in Romford from a company with an excellent health and safety reputation? Call RSJ on 0137 589 3602 to discuss how we can help you.